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2days Rafting at Zagorochoria

A weekend in Zagorochoria leading mountain destination in our country. Unique natural beauty, traditional villages, stone bridges, you can enjoy your stay centered Papigkon village. The climax of the action, the descent into Voidomati. The cleanest and coldest river in Europe.

With a swimsuit that you should bring with you, we will supply you with the specialized equipment that is disinfected after each use. It will take you to the start of the route, after a 15 minute lesson you will cross the Voidomati 5km from Bridge to Bridge Aristi the Kleidonias which is the core of the Vikos Aoou. During the descent route enjoy the unique unspoilt natural environment and the unique purity waters Voidomati, after one and a half to two hours to reach our base in Kleidonia, after expedite the monastery of Saints Anargiron. The offer includes the Papigkon night, or in a village of Zagoria in rented rooms or hotel of your choice that you choose from our website, with breakfast. Downhill with the Voidomati Rafting. With certified drivers from the IRF (International Rafting Federation) and TUV AUSTRIA HELLAS Insurance local transport.


Cost for two people is 100 €

The alpine zone is the only place in the organization and facilities, offering for customers in both rivers sanitary locker rooms, showers with hot water.

The above prices and offers are valid for all time.

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Cameras Vasilitsa

Images from the cameras positioned at the Alpine Ski School Zone at elevation 1780 m ...
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