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Tips for skiing

Skiing is a sport which beyond fun it have its risks. The weather, the fatigue and lack of sleep from yesterday's feast is a frequent cause of accidents. Sometimes we transcend ourselves and run a lot, endangering us and others. So to enjoy the ski slopes and not to lie down in a hospital bed should beware a few things.

TEN RULES OF SAFETY F.I.S. (International Ski Federation)


  1. Respect for others. You must behave in such a way as not to disturb or bringing in risk others.
  2. We control our speed. We adjust our speed according to our potential, the current snow conditions, weather and traffic as having the track.
  3. Select direction. The skier-snowboarder in front has always been a priority. We must choose our path so as not to put at risk the front.
  4. Overtaking. Can overtake other skier-snowboarders from whatever side we want but leaving enough space to have the comfort to move without problem
  5. Entrance to the ski slope start. When entering a locked ski slope is restarted after a stop, watching in all directions, and move so that no danger to collide with a careful skier-snowboarder. 
  6. Stop on ski slope. We should avoid stop and walk in places that are short and visibility is limited unless it is necessary. Dropped to the point, we should move immediately to the edge of the track.
  7. Walking in the ski slope. When moving on foot we should be always on the edge of the ski slope.
  8. Respect the marks. We must respect the signs located on the slopes 
  9. Help. In case of accident we all can help 
  10. Exchange data. If you have been involved in an accident, we give our data to managers of the ski.

Tips for cold

To enjoy the beauty of the mountain in winter safely try to apply the following decalogue advice prepared for you.


  1. Avoid exposed to cold after excessive intake of alcoholic drinks. Danger of frostbite and accidents.
  2. Prefer hot drinks like tea and chocolate. Less coffee.
  3. During the subsistence mountain in winter you need more calories than that to living at lower altitudes.
  4. You are properly dressed when you are not feeling too cold, and your fingers not hurt.
  5. When you are tired, stop your activities. You are more vulnerable to hypothermia and frostbite in accidents. 
  6. Drink water even when you are not thirsty. Usualy a glass every one hour is enough to keep the body temperature within normal limits. 
  7. Before you begin your activities like ski snowboard etc. do a little warm up and gentle stretching of muscles.
  8. Remember that the first and the last "got" in the slope want attention. 
  9. Do not move an injured person unless you are certified to provide medical care. 
  10. To apply the rules of the world Skiing Federation - FIS


Have fun!

Sotiris Matsiras
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