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Full Moon Rafting

The big party in Arachtos approaching.

Full moon rafting 2017 
In August, during the full moon of August, we will be doing  night descents from the bridge Politsa to the bridge Plaka. After the descent we will bw waiting with  a BBQ with local meats, pies and local raki. The evening continues with all-night partying until dawn.

The appointment will be at the base of the alpine zone at the Historic Bridge Plaka, every evening at 8pm. There we will provide you with the necessery equipment (uniforms, shoes, etc.) and then we will start our trip from  the bridge Politsa.

For more details and the time table we will be informing you in the end of May.

At our base you can camp for free. There are changing rooms and toilets.

The event includes:
The Rafting trip, BBQ, camping,  all-night Party with DJ.

For more information, clarifications, contact us:  2651023222 & 6974659999. Achilles.

Be there at the river party Arachthos festival.

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Alpine Zone has prepared something special for those who want to experience the best possible   rafting experience and to raise the adrenaline.

The night Rafting is relatively new in Greece. However, it has already gained fans who are constantly increasing.

The Full moon Rafting Arachtos is done by night under the moonlight. The boats are carried downstream, illuminated by the full moon.

Fast-forward to the bridge of Politsa where we start the descent.

You will fitted with the necessary rafting equipment (wetsuit and neoprene shoes, raincoat, lifejacket and helmet) and prepared according to international safety standards.

You will put helmets and paddles, our phosphorescent lights and you will be ready for a descent that will keep you awake throughout the duration.

As we reach the very narrow gorge where Arachtos width is only a few meters, the landscape is breathtaking. The moonlight reflects on the rocks and the night becomes literally day .

We end up on the bridge of Plaka after a descent of Arahthos particularly impressive lasting about three hours.







Cameras Vasilitsa

Images from the cameras positioned at the Alpine Ski School Zone at elevation 1780 m ...
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