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Do you want to live the dream of Ikaros? Paragliding is the easiest and most accessible sport because it is easy to learn, to handle and has the smallest cost of all the sports that have to do with flying. It appeals to those who love the speed of wind and the feeling of the absolute freedom that flying offers. It is a light flying device which does not require an excellent physical condition and gives the possibility, after some lessons, to fly on the sky together with birds and the wind. The area offers alternative taking – off points and interesting flights at different levels offering magnificent view.

If you don’t have previous experience, you don’t have the time to attend on lessons or you just do not want to have the control of the flight you can fly with a two-seater craft and an experienced pilot will do the job.

Paragliding program:

Lessons for inexperienced, lessons for experienced, flight with a two- seater







Cameras Vasilitsa

Images from the cameras positioned at the Alpine Ski School Zone at elevation 1780 m ...
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