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Rafting Arachthos

Arachthos is the best river for rafting in Greece. Rafting alongside Arachthos we do in three particular trails:

Arachthos Rafting Trail 1: Charokopi bridge (Tsibovo) – Plaka bridge. Duration: 3.30 hours long. Difficulty level IV w.w. A rafting itinerary for experiences riders.

Arachthos Rafting Trail 2: Ambelochori bridge (Politsa) – Plaka bridge. Duration: 2 hours long. Difficulty level III w.w. Rafting trail only after having prior experience into this sport.

Arachthos Rafting Trail 3 : Charokopi bridge (Tsibovo) – Skoupa bridge. Duration: 2 days. A rafting itinerary for experiences riders.

Arachthos Rafting – The procedure:

Our appointment for rafting in Tzoumerka alongside Arachthos river depends on the location you live, always for the best of your convenience.

  • If you live in Zagori, Konitsa, Metsovo or Iooannina, our meeting place will be somewhere at Ioannina.
  • If you live in the Tzoumerka region or Arta, our appointment will be in Arachthos base, which is the historical bridge in Plaka.

From there we will pick you up with mini – buses and will be head for rafting alongside Arachthos.

We equip you with specialised rafting equipment: neopren outfit, (cleaned after use) neopren rafting shoes, life jacket, rain jacket, helmet and a paddle (on cold winter days plus we give you gloves and a fleece).

Once you will get informed on a few minutes briefing about what will follow, you will be left into a 3-hour long descenting. In the middle of the route we will stop at the waterfall, finally arriving at the next base in Arachthos

Once you change clothes into separate bathhouses, and enjoy our snacks, we get back.

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