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Rafting in Greece has daily more and more fans. If you would like to have a fun experience in water, you can try rafting in Greece’ s wonderful rivers. Rafting is held daily with 2 persons and more.

Rafting in Voidomatis: Rafting trip tarts from Aristi’ s bridge and ends up to Kleidonia’ s bridge. Duration of rafting: 1,30 hrs, 2ww. Voidomatis is the cleanest river in Europe.

Rafting in Araxthos: There are three routes: Rafting Araxthos 1: Starts from Charokopi’ s bridge (Tsimpovo) and ends up to Plaka’ s bridge. Duration of rafting: 3,30 hrs. 4ww. Rafting Araxthos 2: Starts from Ampelochori’ s bridge and ends up to Plaka’s bridge. Duration: 2 hrs. 3ww. Rafting Araxthos 3: Starts from Charokopi’ s bridge (Tsimpovo) and ends up to Skoupa’ s bridge. Duration: 2 hrs. Route for experienced rafters. Rafting Kalarritikos Araxthos .Starts from Michalitsi Bridge ends up to Plaka’s bridge .Duration 3:30 Hrs .Route for experienced rafters.

Rafting in Greece is the best activities that you can do all year . Araxthos is the best river in Greece for rafting. You can choose from a variety of Rafting in Greece routes, from 2ww to Vww. The most representative are: Aoos, the unique greek river which falls out of the greek borders. Voidomatis, that passes through the national park of Vikos-Aoos. It’ s famous for its crystal clear drinking water.Rafting in Zagoria is must of activities . Araxthos, with its wild gordge and two of the most famous bridges, Plaka’ s and Arta’s. It’ s the best river for rafting in Greece. Kalamas, which was used in the ancient times for transportation. Venetikos, influent of Aliakmonas, the biggest river in Greece.








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