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The trails on the mountaichain of Pindos are an integral part of its history, a history of thousands of years.

As far back as the prehistoric times all the pre-Hellenic tribes opened passes in their way for the first time and left their signs at the rocky roofs which offered them shelter (e.g. Boila and Kleidi at the canyon of Vikos).

Years later, the first greek tribes which settled in villages (e.g. settlement close to Vitsa) and were involved with cattle-raising used the same tracks to move their flocks as Sarakatsani did some years later.

During the last pre-Christianic centuries Pyrros organized and included the trails in the unified defensive system constructing on them fortifications and forts whose ruins are peserved even nowadays. A part of the ancient Egnatia Street run from that area as well.

During the Turkish domination the trails were covered with stones and they were combined with inns, water-mills, fountains and bridges so as to help the contact between villages as well as the trade with caravans which set off from here to Moldovlahia and Austria-Hungary. At the end of the 19th and beginning of 20th century, famous travellers from all over the world such as Pukevil and Hammod, walked along the trails in order to experience the magnificence of the greek scenery and to look for the signs of the past.

Apart from their full of memories historical past the ancient passes of Pindos attract every nature lover since he is guided through an ecosystem of unique diversity of form which hasn’t yet been disturbed. In the ’80s two of the European trails of Long Distances extended to Greece: E4 and E6. E6 which begins from the Arctic Circle in Finland and comes down to the Adriatic Coast, crosses Greece from the coastline of the Ioania Sea, along the Northern boarderlands and it leads to Thraki. From the numerous hiking routes of escalated difficulty you can choose trails that are easy to pass or other more difficult and adventurous. With the help of the experienced mountain guides of the Alpine Zone you will walk through woody slopes and deep-shaded canyons, you will walk by well preserved arched bridges and water-mills in ruins, you will meet rare species of flora and fauna. You can spend the night in beautiful, traditional guest houses, you will enjoy the stories of the locals by the fireplace tasting traditional pies. The people of the Alpine Zone will make sure that your hiking will be safe, they will introduce you to the secrets of the area as well as to tsipouro and snacks.

If you are not a hiking fan our guides can guide you and tour you around the small villages by a mini-bus that we offer.

Trekking program

Zagori: (Drakolimni of Gamila, Vikos gorge (Monodentri – Vikos and Papiko, Bridge of Aristi – Bridge of kleidonia)
We start to Vikos gorge, from Monodentri, a very impressive canyon and one of the deepest in the world. We will be transferred to Monodentri then we hike downhill, where we meet the small river that flows through the gorge. We continue next to the stream and walk right into the heart of the national Park. In the gorge a lot of wild animals still find refuge , such as pray birds, bears and wild boars. Our walk will end at Vikos village after a small ascent, around 40 minutes.We take a rest at the Vikos village
Duration 7-8 hours.
The price is according to the size of the group.
The minimum cost for us to run the trip is 150 euro
Includes a qualified guide and your transfer back to starting point (20km) drive.
Small lunch ( traditional pie, local sweets, seasonal fruits).
Insurance including liability insurance and insurance for injures.
For a four person group the cost is 45€ per.
Smolikas: Drakolimni
National Park of Valia Kalda: Arkoudorema – Flega, Monastery of Stomio, Konitsa, Trapezitsa, Dilofo, Vitsa.

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