Embark on Guided Tours:
Unforgettable Adventures Await

We undertake your safe collection directly from airports and ports of the country, e.g. Athens International Airport, Thessaloniki International Airport, Ioannina International Airport, Aktio Airport etc. to enjoy the hidden secrets of Greece together
Get to know the Mainland of Greece, the traditional Ioannina city, the famous Zagorohoria – an Unesco protected area, the imposing Tzoumerka area, Athens, Thessaloniki, the enchanting Meteora, Metsovo town, the Peloponnese, and many more enchanting destinations throughout Greece.
Contact us and we will create together the program that suits you best, with our experienced escorts and our company’s luxury vans and mini buses.

  • liability insurance included
  • highly-experienced and qualified guide/escort, fluently English speaker